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What do you eat the morning of an Ironman? And do you eat any solid food during the race itself?

On the morning of an Ironman, I eat boiled rice for energy and during the race all of my fuel is liquid based with no solids.
Transcript: "Hey, Simon. So on the morning of an Ironman, I actually used to eat porridge. But after finding out I was intolerant to gluten and milk, porridge got pretty rubbish pretty quick. So I now pretty much just have boiled rice on the morning of an ironman. Which is super boring, but I know that it's going to give me the energy and definitely not give me any stomach problems later in the day. And then do I eat any solid food during the race? Pretty much no. All of my fuel is now liquid based. So I may have some gels in there but, I guess, that doesn't really count as a solid food. So everything is pretty much very basic, sugar, carbs, liquid based electrolytes. No solids in there. I did used to eat Snickers bars, but they're pretty much been cut out of my diet as well. So yeah, unfortunately, no solids. Just pure liquid based nutrition at the moment."