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Greg Bennett

🇦🇺 Olympian, 3x World Champ, CoS AnyQuestion
Greg Bennett is the Co-founder and Chief of Staff at AnyQuestion. He is also the podcast host of, “One Moment Longer with Greg Bennett” which dives into what makes a world-class athlete and High Performer. Greg is a retired professional triathlete. Greg grew up in Sydney, Australia and found a passion for triathlon at a young age. He competed for Australia at the 2004 Olympics and has raced over 500 international races and won over 100. Greg has won multiple World titles, the worlds largest prize purse wins, and been awarded the International Triathlon Unions President trophy. He has been named one of the “Top 15 Triathletes of all time” (Inside Triathlon, 2011) and “Triathlete of the year” on multiple occasions (Triathlete magazine). Greg had a strong desire to become better and set goals, which helped him reach the highest level in sport and sustain it for almost three decades.
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