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Do you eat or drink coffee before your morning run? If so, how long do you wait before you run?

I dream coffee every morning, especially before my big runs. I make sure to have coffee and toast two hours before a race so that I can feel energized and ready to perform.
Transcript: "I definitely dream coffee every single morning, especially since I became a mom because I think I was always tired, you know, from not getting enough sleep and then it became a habit and especially before my big G. I have to drink coffee, it's kind of like a treat. And when I do marathon training, do I have to eat especially like the last eight weeks or so? Because I mean you cannot run a marathon in an empty stomach and I try to practice to eat maybe 2 or 1 hour before my run and for the rest. Yes, I drink my coffee. I am with a couple pieces of toast, two hours before the race, and that is because I have had I bumped really, really bad on my first couple races and I realized that I wasn't feeling properly. And so now like I want to start my marathon with a full stomach of coffee and toast, so I do it every day and now the like before big workouts, in fact, I've decided to do that close because I need to feel that Superwoman effects from coffee."