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Do you eat or drink coffee before your morning run? If so, how long do you wait before you run?

I usually drink coffee and water before running, and eat a small meal 3 hours before longer runs.
Transcript: "Hey, Greg most mornings. I will not eat anything before I head out and run. I will however, have a cup of coffee about 60 to 90 minutes before I start running and then in that amount of time I'll also sip on water and or an electrolyte beverage just to make sure I've got that in my system. But more often than not specially for easy runs or an intense track session. I don't Need any additional fuel the morning of for long runs. However, I will get up earlier in, try to eat a small meal about three hours before I start running and that will usually consists of 400 to 600 calories mostly easily digestible carbohydrates, usable fuel, that will benefit me for that run. But also does not upset my stomach."