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How big should a player hit their neutral rally ball? (% of their max)

To generate more power while playing, use a drill called "As Big As You Can" for 5-8 minutes, where you hit every ball as powerfully as you can without missing or losing your balance. This will help you become more comfortable with higher intensity and pace on your basic rally ball.
Transcript: "Great question and obviously in today's modern game Power is at a commodity. So you want to learn to generate as much power and maintain as much power as you possibly can on your basic rally ball as early as you can, while you're developing your game as a junior player and into your later years, I like to use a drill that I call as big as you can for starting out a lot of drilling. Spend about 5 minutes to 8 minutes. Literally hitting every ball as big as you can. I say sometimes as heavy as you can, but as big as you can without missing and without losing your balance on balls, very important to maintain your structure, your position and good quality mechanics and ball striking while you're doing this. But you spend about 5 to 8 minutes literally. Hitting every ball as big as you can without missing that. Being said, you're gonna miss more than you normally do doing this drill and then one of the things I like to try and do is once you've done this, then I asked players to carry that over into the next drills that they're doing and try and maintain that pace as much as they possibly can that just helps create and generate a greater comfort zone at a higher ball-striking level and doing that on a regular regular basis, generally will lead to you being more comfortable with a higher pace, and intensity, and heaviness on your basic rally ball. Good luck."