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Access expert advice from the world’s top swimmers and swim coaches. Whether you want to learn about stroke technique, race strategy, or training plans, you’ll find informed answers from top experts like Emma McKeon, Bob Bowman, and many more.

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Welcome to our world class community of professional swimmers and swim coaches. From Lydia Jacoby to Ryan Murphy, our experts are ready to answer all of your burning questions about swimming. Whether you’re curious about gear preferences or how to train for your next race, AnyQuestion can help you learn and prepare from the top swimmers and coaches in the world. Not sure where to begin? Here are some of the most popular swimming topics to start with:

Swimming Strokes and Training: When it comes to swimming, there are 4 core strokes that people tend to inquire about: Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Ask our professional swimming community all about their stroke techniques and the differences in training for each one. Whether it’s learning about how they trained for their personal best freestyle race, or how they chose to specialize in the butterfly, our experts share their experiences for each race and tips to better improve your performance. From discussing different programs to personal best records, ask any of our swimming experts about their stroke techniques and training programs.

Swimming Gear: Our experts are here to share insights about the swim gear and equipment that helps them to compete at the highest level. Whether you are looking to learn about the newest or best swim goggles out there, preferred swim caps, or even the best swimsuits to help you better compete, ask any of our professional swimmers and swim coaches about which gear they use to help you level up for your next race.

Whether you’re just getting started in the swimming world or are looking to up your knowledge in the sport, ask our experts your swimming questions today.

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