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Is it possible to increase strength/mass ratio without gaining excessive weight?

Yes, it is possible to increase strength to mass ratio without adding weight. To do this, one should keep the volume of reps low and the sets moderate. Additionally, time and tension should be kept around 24-26 seconds.
Transcript: "Is it possible to increase the strength Mass ratio without adding weight? I would say yes and especially working with endurance athletes or athletes in sports, where we want a green strength and power without body mass that might slow them down. For example, such as I distance running so some of the ways we can do those one, making sure the volume of is not too high. So we don't have an excess amount of reps. So we're going to keep the Reps fairly low in the sets fairly moderate. I like using sets under under eight, we start to get into 10 12 15 Honey, we're going to be sorry anymore hypertrophy. And there's a more more inclined to gain muscle mass. The, the next thing is also, You know, time and retention. And so one of the things we're looking at is trying. I always try to keep my time under tension for athletes to be approximately 24, to 26 seconds. And so, an example of that is if we're doing a an exercise where we doing a two second eccentric or lowering, and a 1 second up, then, we're going to be at three seconds per repetition. So if we're doing eight reps, we're going to be in the 24 range. So we could be doing, you know, one second down one second up and we're doing five reps as long as he was 10. In seconds of time under tension. And so it's another good thing to look at. I think a 24 to 26 seconds, you know, seconds of time and attention percent. It's kind of a good range is not hard fasting kind of play with this but just know that some athletes are going to be more inclined to gain mass than others and so knowing that and then you know, prescribing our exercises accordingly and tracking these things will help you maximize your strength and power without gaining any excessive Mass."