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John Sinclair

Health and Human Performance Engineer
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John Sinclair is an experienced sport and training management professional with a bachelors degree in physical education and sport performance, as well as 15 certifications in coaching, science, nutrition, post-rehabilitation therapy and sport performance. He has over 20 years of experience coaching at all levels of sport and life, having trained and coached athletes in professional, semiprofessional, and Olympic and Paralympic games. He has authored articles for major publications, websites, blogs, and books. He has created a specific programming algorithm to enhance biological systems for the purpose of creating resiliency, and is a programming consultant for some of the world's largest companies in the sport and fitness industries, and government. His other achievements include inventing, being a master coach and educator for 7 different companies in the fitness industry, competing and training in 11 different sports, and coaching amateur hockey and baseball. John has a lifelong passion for sport and physical culture.
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John Sinclair
Health and Human Performance Engineer