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What drew you to coaching and performance training?

After playing college sports and helping to create a biomechanics lab, I developed a desire to be a bigger part of the process. This led me to pursue coaching and performance training. After an internship in 2013, I was hooked on the relationships with athletes and coworkers and have never looked back.
Transcript: "Would you do coaching and performance training? Because I was an athlete, my whole life, like so many coaches up until up until College. I played basketball and track. And once I got to college, it was kind of tough to step away from that competitive environment. While I was at school though, I helped start a biomechanics lab and we did a lot of physiological testing on really high level Olympic level track and field athletes. Now, we would collect that data, which I helped when that process in which hand that Data to their coaches, their performance coaches and they would take that data, use it to inform their training, develop out a plan and see that through all the way to the Olympics. That really Drew in me. A desire to be a bigger part of the process. I didn't want to hand the data to somebody else and have them do the rest of the work and travel to the Olympics and be there with their athlete, to really see them succeed at the highest level. So I want to be a bigger part of that process and so that's what initially drew me to the To the field. After my first internship with exos back in 2013, where I was actually able to get Hands-On coaching programming experience. I was absolutely hooked the relationships with the athletes with coworkers the environment. It was just incredible. So I really yeah, I never looked back ever since then."