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How do you ensure that soccer players maintain their technical ability while focusing on strength training?

During the off-season, athletes should focus on strength training as their main course, while still doing some technical training as a side dish to ensure they maintain their technical ability.
Transcript: "How do you ensure that soccer players? Maintain their technical ability while focusing on strength training? Great question. So a lot of my athletes, they have a short offseason and so that is actually when they choose to really focus in on strength training because they don't have competitions or matches always coming up. And so they can dose that in to a higher degree without fear of being sore or not, ready for for the match. So, if their focus is strength training during the off-season, And it doesn't mean that they are completely disregarding their Technical Training. Either you just have a main course which might be that strength training and then your side dishes, become your Technical Training for that time period. They should they should always live in unison with one another. It shouldn't be an all or nothing approach. And so when you're doing your Technical Training which is that side dish, you're just checking the box, I can still do this, making small improvements while still being able to focus on that strength training for that day or week or"