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How do you assess a soccer player's physical abilities when they come in for training?

When assessing a soccer player's physical abilities, I start with a conversation about their injury history, goals and strengths/weaknesses. Then, I observe how they sprint, change directions, move side to side, and react to cues. Finally, I see how they perform during lifts such as squats, lunges and push-ups.
Transcript: "How do you assess a soccer, player's, physical abilities, when they come in for training? So when I'm not in a team setting and I don't have access to tons of Technology such as Force plates or GPS. Then I really keep it pretty simple. First off, we start with a conversation injury history, what their goals are what they see their strengths and weaknesses as what they really want to get out of training and that actually will clue me in to where they're at next. I want to see the move a lot of different ways so I want to see them sprint. Maybe not Max velocity. Asset. He's but I want to see how they accelerate want to see them change direction. How they move side to side next? I want to be able to see how they react to Q so that might be cues that are verbal might be, might be a visual cue that I give them. See how how their body organizes within that chaos and next I want to see during a lift, how they squat lunge how they can do a push-up movements like that. And that gives me a really good sense where they're at, athletically?"