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Do you have a favorite client success story?

My favorite client success stories are when I get people out of pain, back doing what they love, and stronger than they've been before. Two recent examples include a young man with a severe hamstring strain and a female athlete with a labral tear. In both cases, they were able to return to their sport in better condition than before.
Transcript: "Do you have a favorite client success story? So when I think about this question, two really jumped to mind, both with youth athletes that I have worked with recently. One was a young man, they came to me, him and his parents, after he had been sitting out for roughly four or five months with a pretty severe hamstring strain. The coaches had advised that they not go to physical therapy and just to keep playing on it and basically he couldn't run. So he would go to team training but couldn't participate in games, couldn't really run. Sounds kind of wild, but you could tell that this was the one thing that brought him the most joy in life and he couldn't move. So they're super frustrated, super sad about it. Worked with him for about a month. He got back running, changing direction, going fast. He wound up faster than he's ever been before, re-entered with the team and quickly progressed into the next level within his club setting. Another one, a female athlete came to me, she had a labral tear. Really wanted to play in college, it was her senior year of high school and was really bummed out that that was, in her mind, getting taken away from her. Once again, worked with her for a few months and sent her off to college, healthier than she's ever been and she's absolutely killing it there. So I think it's really getting people out of pain, getting them doing what they love, bringing them back stronger than they've been before. Those are my favourite stories."