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How does your gear differ between trail running gear and road running gear?

It is important to have a 24-48 hour laminated card that outlines what you need to do and pack for a race. Double check your racing flats, and make sure you have the right equipment for the situation you are going into. This will help alleviate some of the stress leading up to the race.
Transcript: "So, it sounds like a funny question, but your equipment is huge, okay, to your success, having trust in it and making sure you have everything. Okay, so one of the most important things is to have those 24 and 48 hour laminated cards that tell you what to do, what to pack, okay, in bad weather and hot weather and taking things with you that you need, supplements, vitamins, caffeine, water bottles, whatever you're going to need, Martin, whatever you're going to need in the race, try to bring with you and even some food and snacks and things. You know, when you travel, there's interruptions, you don't always have the most perfect situation to get everything you need. You know, hydration, all those things should be with you, should be part of your 24 and 48 hour laminated card and equipment is part of this, okay. Double check your racing flats, you know, people forget their racing flats all the time, they take two rights or two lefts or something, you know, so double check things, have a check list, you know, there was an Olympic marathon that I had heard about that had a hundred things to do before the Olympic marathon, you know, including like paying their number. I think you go crazy doing that a little bit but you need to know what to do in every moment leading to the race and a laminated card is part of this and it is connected to your gear so have the right equipment for the situations you're going into and this will help alleviate some of the stress. You know, road and trail, obviously there's going to be different things you're going to need but that's up to you and your coach and what you normally use but leave nothing to chance, have things outlined and these laminated cards can definitely help."