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Do you think running 1500m or 1 mile race is harder than a 5k because there is less time to make up for any mistakes early on?

The 1500 meter race has a smaller margin for error and is more difficult than the 5K but both require different strategies. The 1500 meter race requires more speed and the 5K requires more stamina. Both races are 90% mental game and 10% physical on race day.
Transcript: "The 1,500-meter verse or the model versus the 5K, which one is really hard. People often ask me, which was my favorite race. I always tell them whichever I am fit for, because if you get ready for 1500 meter or the mile, you're going to make a great race and then begin ready for 5K, which is more stamina than speed. You're gonna do fine as well. However, I think the Mi margin of error is harder to make up because the intensity of of it and the turnover, if you make a little mistake, it can be costly. But in the 5K you can say, okay, I can catch up the next mile or the next 800 and things like that. So it's a mind game. We tell people, the 90% is mental game and 10% physical on race day, as long as you can execute, good plan and have a good result and you could always learn from your mistakes. So we're whether to be on the on the mile to be on the outside curve or to be in the rail. Those are the small details that can help you be the best mile or 1500 meter Runner. And the 5K is all about stamina and you can slowly make up the mistakes. So the 50 nanometers is stuffer."