Compared to sea-level, in terms of methods & nutrition, how do you train people differently at altitude?

Before going to altitude, it is important to check your hemoglobin, hematocrit, and ferritin levels. Altitude can benefit your aerobic metabolism and muscles, but it is important to also make sure you get enough sleep, manage stress, and have a good nutrition plan. Additionally, when training at sea level, it is important to remember the ultimate goal.
Transcript: "So most people are going to altitude to benefit their aerobic metabolism and to get stronger. And so the most important thing before you go to altitude is to look under the hood and check your hemoglobin, your hematocrit, and your ferritin. Okay you want to have some of these tests saved if you've been to altitude before and you want to do this before you go to altitude and after. Okay and you know you need 50 to 100 nanograms of ferritin in stores to really get the aerobic enzymes that you're after at altitude. So altitude benefits your blood but it also benefits your muscles, your intercostal muscles. Okay your breathing apparatus gets more efficient. So it's just a stress, okay, an added stress that you need to factor into your recovery. And you know the most important things are sleep. Okay maybe more than everything combined make sure you're getting your sleep. Stress management, just stress in your overall life from relationships to people to finances to everything in your life that stresses you. Okay then nutrition and that's where this comes in. Okay the nutrition component is huge. You need to make sure you're getting you know eating red kidney beans, spinach, kale, beef, okay, organ meats, all that stuff. Try to get iron from your food first if you're low and that starts with health first. Your gut bacteria, okay, all these things. And then lastly your training is factored in. Okay you need to never forget what you're after. Okay at sea level a lot of people come to altitude and just put in lots of work and hope for the best. You want to always keep in mind what the ultimate goal at sea level is. And so that is one of the most important things."