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What have you learned from being a guest on other people's podcast?

Being a guest on other people's podcasts is challenging and fun, as everyone has their own way of conducting interviews. It's important to do research and listen to some podcasts to get an understanding of how they interview before going into the podcast. Also, it's important to be prepared and be able to adjust and adapt if necessary, while still staying true to your style.
Transcript: "So the question was, what have I learned about being a guest on other people's podcasts? The answer is simple. It's that everybody interviews differently. I have my way of interviewing that I really enjoy, and then I'll get into other people's podcasts and they have a completely different way of doing things, which is fun. It's challenging sometimes. I would recommend that you go in and you do some research and listen to some podcasts and see how they actually interview in their interview style, because it can kind of throw you off if you're not ready for it, especially if they don't give you... Some podcasters like to say, here's a list of questions I'm going to ask you. Make sure you prep for those. Sometimes they'll throw a random question at the end. Hey, I always ask this. What's your answer? Just be prepared to always be able to move and to adjust and adapt if you need to. But also stick with your own style. Don't take other people's."