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What characterized the period of your life where you experienced the most personal growth?

The biggest personal growth I experienced was when I had to face my trauma and reach out for help by getting therapy as a first responder. This journey of self-discovery is still ongoing.
Transcript: "This is such a great question. My, the biggest personal growth that happened to me and it is still happening, is when I was in some very dark places and I had to do some soul digging. I had to reach out for help. I had to get therapy as a first responder, as a prior first responder, due to all the PTS and all the traumatic events that I witnessed and went through during my career and in the military. So that was the most transformation in personal growth and I'm still on that journey. So that was the period of my life and it was just short, you know, a handful of years ago. So that was the period in my life where I experienced the most growth. I hope I answered your question."