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What are some common misconceptions about podcasting, and how would you correct them?

A common misconception about podcasting is that you need to be an expert on the topic. However, this is not necessary and you can draw from experts in the field to create content. You can also take a viewer perspective to ask questions that they would be interested in.
Transcript: "All right, so we have a question. What are some common misconceptions about podcasting and how would we correct them? Well, one of the biggest misconceptions I think that people have is that I have to be an expert at what my podcast is about. And I tell you this right now, that is not the case. I started my podcast, Tactical Breakdown, in 2019, and it is built on my ability to draw information and expertise from the experts in their respective fields. So my entire podcast, I'm not the expert. I don't frame myself as the expert. I take the position of the viewer or my average viewer, and in our case, which would be a police officer, and I ask questions that I feel that those people would be asking those experts if they had the chance. And so the biggest misconception I see is that people think that they have to run the show, they have to know everything. And the fact is you do not. Find the people that are experts in your space, reach out, talk to them, let them share the information you just facilitate."