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How do you prepare for interviews with guests?

To prepare for interviews with guests I do my research to learn as much as I can about them, look for other interviews and magazine articles, and try to ask questions that haven't been asked before. Additionally, I find that the best parts of the show often come when I go off script and ask questions that come up during the conversation.
Transcript: "How do you prepare for interviews with guests? Real simple? I do my homework and that involves going online and looking up everything I can about my upcoming guest and not just what we could pedia. Has is an entry I look for other interviews. Other podcasts, YouTube has a usually has a vast amount of interviews to catch up on, with better, known guests, magazine articles, or anything printed and published online learn as much as you can. And something that I've learned to do myself is try to find out some of the regular routines that might guest goes into as far as storytelling because you'll find it. If you listen to several interviews with one particular artists of photographer, who whatever it might be, you're going to find there are certain stories that they tell on every single show and they mentioned in every article, try to avoid that because obviously I always heard that already. So if you find that your guest is going in that direction, try to change course, and try to ask Questions that haven't been answered ask before quite often a fresh question is they'll thank you for it and say, oh that's a good one. No one's asked me that question before. And I also find that while we do send our guests questions in advance, I would say that half of the show are questions that come up during the course of the show. And often those are the best parts of the show. So go off script to once in a while."