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How do you handle your stress for a work day when you get home?

When you get home from a stressful day at work, take some time for yourself to decompress. Tell your significant other that you need some alone time, and use methods such as meditation, deep breathing, and positive thinking to relax.
Transcript: "Well, I'm retired from law enforcement, but when I am stressed at work and I get home, I take time for myself. I think that's important when you get off work. If you're a first responder to come home, tell your significant other if you have one, look, I just need a little bit of time by myself to decompress. Because what happens if you don't say anything and just go into your zone of being alone or kind of isolating? That's when the problems start. But when I get home and I've had a stressful day or I had in the past, I would tell my wife, look, I just need a little bit of time to decompress, go to my room, go to my office and just meditate, deep breathing, you know, try to have some positive thoughts. I know that sounds kind of corny, but that's the way I decompressed. So I hope this helps you. And I would advise you to do the same thing."