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How do you collaborate with other podcasters or industry experts to expand your audience and network?

Networking is the best way to collaborate and expand your network. Get out there, shake hands, talk to people, go to conferences and podcasts, and use social media and the internet to get connected. Take that first step and start with an idea, take action, and let it grow.
Transcript: "Great question. I would say network, network, network. Get out there, shake hands, talk to people, expand your network. How do you collaborate? You know, use social media, use the internet. We live in a great age when it comes to technology. So that is just a fabulous way to collaborate with industry exports or expand your audience and network. But nothing beats face-to-face. So go to conferences, go to podcast conferences, learn as much as you can. That's how you are going to expand your network and get those people that you want on your show, those guests. So I've had my podcast for seven and a half years and I just started with an idea, I put it to action and now it keeps growing and growing and growing. So, but it started with that first step to want to bring forth a podcast that was good and had value. So I hope that helps."