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How do you stop on rollerskis?

Roller skis don't have brakes, so the best way to stop is by stepping or snow plowing. However, it's important to know the terrain and hills you are skating on, so that you can safely come to a stop.
Transcript: "Yeah. So roller skis don't have brakes which is the one huge drawback to them. So the big thing is you can kind of Step so you can stop with one leg as your skis go in and the stuff with the other legs. You're kind of doing this weird little chicken waffle side to side that kind of slow you down. You can also try to snow plow which is where you put your skis in words like the letter a and you really push hard against the outside of the ski that will slow you down. But if Going down a really fast. He'll you won't be able to stop at that rate of speed. So it is best to know where your roller skating and make sure that you're familiar with the hills and the terrain. And that you can roll to a stop that you're not going down a really Steep Hill into a stop sign. For example."