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PS or LR which is your post processing software? And why?

I prefer to use Photoshop over Lightroom for post-processing because it was the software I learned on and it offers more control when editing images.
Transcript: "So the question is, do you use Photoshop or Lightroom for post processing, which software do you use? And why I personally prefer to use Photoshop or couple of reasons? First reason is that when I started my business Lightroom was not even a thing, it didn't even exist. And the way that you process your raw images was Adobe camera raw. So, Adobe Lightroom is actually built off of the platform. Of adobe camera raw. So couple of things creature habit because I learned how to post process on Photoshop. That's what I stick with and all the things that you can do in Lightroom, you know, in terms of processing the Roz and you can sink and all of that you can do that in Adobe camera raw. So I tend to like stick with that but on top of that, I have more control with my editing in Photoshop, so it's just a lot easier for me to open up the images. Has using Adobe Bridge. Bring them into. They just automatically open up, adobe camera raw and then if I need to do any additional editing, I just bring it into Photoshop. So, easy peasy. I find it a lot easier than using my room, but I just think like, your mileage may vary. So hope that helps."