Is chocolate healthy or unhealthy?

Chocolate should not be cut out of a healthy diet, but it should be consumed in moderation. Dark chocolate may have health benefits, but the sugar and fat content may cancel out those benefits.
Transcript: "So the question is, is chocolate healthy or unhealthy? As a dietician, I think that a healthy diet is not only what you eat but your attitude towards food and eating. And if we cut out chocolate or perceive it as unhealthy, it can lead to guilt and shame around eating it. A healthy diet has a variety of foods, including chocolate. Does that mean that you should be eating chocolate at every meal? Absolutely not. But you shouldn't really be eating anything at every meal. In short, yeah, I mean, chocolate-- it's not the most healthful food. But it's still emotionally nourishing, and it's delicious. So don't cut it out. Dark chocolate also has a lot of polyphenols in it, which are antioxidants, which may have health benefits, although those health benefits may be canceled out by the fat and the sugar in the chocolate. And also, you might not like dark chocolate. You might prefer milk, which is totally fine. There are no real unhealthy foods. There are foods that you want to eat less of, or you want to eat them less often. And chocolate may be one of them. But definitely don't cut it out."