What aspects of nutrition should I focus on as I approach menopause?

Eating around menopause should involve getting enough protein, fiber, good fats, and limiting added sugars and alcohol. Magnesium may help with sleeping problems.
Transcript: "As we approach menopause protein intake becomes extremely important in order to maintain muscle mass and satiety. You also want to look at your intake of added sugars and alcohol. And keep those, at a minimum. Lots of fiber, mostly from plants, and from whole grains to keep you regular and feed your microbiome, and plenty of good fats from nuts, and seeds and fish. Eating around menopause is not really any different from how you would eat before menopause. But it's important to focus on these nutrients in order to keep yourself healthy, happy, regular. And all of that, I also want to add that magnesium may be helpful if you're having trouble sleeping."