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What home gym equipments do you use and recommend?

My favorite home gym equipment includes a bike trainer, Woodway treadmill, rowing machine and Vasa swim erg.
Transcript: "Hey hon, my favorite home gym equipment is first of all a bike trainer using Swift. I have a few different bike trainers. This one's a portable one actually, but there's also the the kicker which I like to use for strength endurance workouts. Then I have this Woodway treadmill would ways are great. I feel like they're the closest thing to running outside. And then you can't forget about the To rowing machine. Feel like I can get a better workout with that than just about anything else and a given amount of time. Oh, and one more I have this Vasa swim urgh so you can kind of lie down on it and and swim in place. So those are those are the pieces of cardio equipment that I use the most frequently."