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How do you lose weight without working out?

To lose weight without working out, focus on higher fat and protein foods that make you feel satisfied for a few hours, such as coconut oil. Stay away from sugary or processed foods that will spike your insulin levels and make you hungry soon after.
Transcript: "Hey Jasmine, I don't actually know the answer this question since the way I like to maintain my weight is just by working out and eating a lot, but I could ask, Greg Bennett over here. He might have some better ideas. How do you lose weight without working out? Could you tell me that answer right now? Because I'm not working out that much. So, you know, I'm trying to lose weight to but it is like it just said it's calories in calories out. I think looking at foods that Are going to be a bit more make you feel satisfied. So generally, higher fat, higher protein is going to help. Stay away from the bagel that I just ate because that's going to just spike your insulin and make you hungry or again in an hour or two. So try and find foods that are going to just make you feel good for a few hours, some of your oils coconut oils. And that kind of thing will really help out. Cheers."