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Why is it called pickleball?

Pickleball is called pickleball because either it was named after the Pritchard family dog, Pickles, or because the mismatched equipment used to play the game reminded the inventors of a "pickle boat," which is a boat crewed by leftover oarsmen.
Transcript: "So why is it called pickleball? There's two origin story theories. The first is that the Pritchards, one of the families that invented the sport, had a family dog named Pickles, and that Pickles would go and retrieve the ball when it went out of play. The second is that the mish mash of equipment-- from a badminton net to a wiffle ball to a paddle-- reminded the inventors of a crew term-- a term that's used in crew-- of a pickle boat, which is where leftover oarsmen paddle a boat. And in this case, you're using leftover equipment to play a sport."