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Dr. Mitchell Tanner, PT, DPT, CSCS

Physical Therapist & Sports Performance Coach
Hi, I’m Mitch! I’m a PT, and strength coach based out of Miami, Florida! Currently I work for Old Bull Athletics as a clinician and performance coach. Additionally I teach a CSCS prep course at the university level with Gifted Education, and I have my own online fitness coaching business.

My background started at the University of South Carolina, where I studied exercise science and got to do sport science with their D1 athletics programs. Additionally I facilitated the creation of Apex Athletic Performance’s sport biomechanics lab during this time.

I have my doctorate in physical therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina. During this time, I got experience working with EXOS and professional athletes. I also have experience working with the University of Florida’s running medicine staff.

Personally, my sport background includes competing in martial arts as a junior at the national and international levels. Currently, my sport focus is on powerlifting and general athletic development. 

On my page you can expect a biopsychosocial approach to fitness and rehab, as well as a pragmatic view of the current evidence.
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