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Among the gear that you’ve purchased, is there something you wish you hadn’t in hindsight?

No, I don't regret any gear purchases. I always do my research before I buy and make sure it's something that I need and use. Early in my career, I wish I had bought Nikon gear right away.
Transcript: "Okay Melanie, is there any gear that I wish that I hadn't have purchased? Not really. I mean, I never go out and do a big purchase, like you know, a big money purchase without figuring out whether I actually need it. Little purchases, that's fine because you know, you're experimenting and seeing what's going to work. I think it's important to do your research if you need something. I mean, I've got lenses, like you know, $10,000 lenses that, or more, that I use a couple of times a year, but I don't regret that because that couple of times a year that I pull that lens out, it always gets used and I love the lens. It's the 120-300 Nikon 2.8 or Nikkor. It's F-mount. Hopefully they're going to bring out a Z-mount, an S-class line, but never know. Yeah, so no regrets. I think you need to do your research properly. You know, I'm totally happy with all my cameras and stuff like that. Maybe early in my career when I purchased cameras before I had anything to do with, or before I discovered Nikon I guess, maybe I wish I had spent the money on a Nikon straight away, but that's about it."