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Among the gear that you’ve purchased, is there something you wish you hadn’t in hindsight?

I usually rent gear before buying it to make sure it will fit my needs, so I don't have any regrets about purchases I've made.
Transcript: "Interesting question. I can see why you might be coming from among the gear that you've purchased. Is it something you wish you hadn't in hindsight? Definitely, I can say, that's not been the case for decades in the beginning. Yeah, I'm sure there was at this point, though. It's been so long. I could say, I probably have forgotten what it was. You know, the, the one thing I've always done since the very beginning is that when I went to go buy something new, Most of the time, but I don't know any about it. I go rent it first. I try it. I give it a hard week or ten days of really, you know, does it work for me before I actually lay down any Dead? Presidents to own that and I still do that. I will have good fortune with number friends, you have gear, or I go to a rental house and I can Professional Services. I get a loan of the gear and I check it out because working capital is hard to come by with that rule of thumb, for every dollar you want. Spend you got to earn five. I take every purchase very serious. So yeah there's not a specific piece that comes to mind. That is a direct answer your question. So sorry"