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Among the gear that you’ve purchased, is there something you wish you hadn’t in hindsight?

I wish I hadn't purchased a Red Monstro or Helium camera as they are overkill for most commercial jobs, and the camera will lose value each time it's used. There are other solutions out there that could fit more clients' budgets, and be equally as good.
Transcript: "I wish I hadn't purchased a Red monstro. Or even a red helium. Quite frankly like AK is fully Overkill and unless you are getting commercial job to commercial job and renting out the camera, it's it's it's just Overkill and you know you're losing out on your value. The cameras losing value every time you take it out you know turn it on, you've been a water housing, you put in salt water, you know, Getting damaged and losing value. The sensor is getting dirty, everything we need to get maintained. And so most of the time, you know, unless you have those really high end clients constantly and flowing you can really do without it and there's other Solutions out there, there's tons of other cameras. I'm not saying I love my red camera to death. I you know, I wouldn't change it for the world but that being said, like looking from business side of it. There's definitely other camera bodies out there that are equally as good and, you know, get the job done and fit. a lot more clients budgets if you're not trying to that high-end motion guy or yeah, I mean What's the other thing? There's got to be something else. I probably wish I didn't buy. I don't know, like there's there's not too many things. There's yeah, I've been pretty fortunate in that respect."