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Among the gear that you’ve purchased, is there something you wish you hadn’t in hindsight?

I've had to purchase some large pelican cases in the past which I regret as they're too heavy and never leave the house. If I find something I'm not into, I try and sell it quickly on eBay so it doesn't devalue too much.
Transcript: "Oh man. So much. But yeah, you should see my basement. It is a film camera and digital camera. Absolute graveyard packed into Pelican cases. It's actually not that bad. And I've kept a bunch of the film cameras I've had from when I was younger. So as far as purchasing and then regretting, with hindsight would be some of the, like, huge massive pelican cases. I have a million years ago. Used to be able to travel every are Mine was 70 pounds for your bags and then scaled it back to 50 pounds. So those monster pelican cases that way, you know, 20 plus pounds. Just for the case your way over. There's no way you're coming in under 50 pounds with this thing. So some of those have never left the house and you know 10 15 years. I've been taking them on the road with me. Yeah. Couple cameras and stuff and lenses but I'll try and cut bait pretty fast on that stuff. You know, some of the smaller things if I get something that I'm not into, I try and sell it pretty quick on eBay. Yeah, I don't, I don't really love to let stuff sit around that kind of goes for everything like small pieces, big pieces, whatever if I'm not into it and it's not working out for the my job than I'm getting rid of it. And I recommend that for everyone just it's not working out, cut bait quick, don't let it devalue too much and you know, send that thing packing on eBay."