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Tommy Pierucki

Longboard surf and ocean photography
Tommy Pierucki has been a Hawaii resident since 2013. After first getting on a surfboard at Baby Queens in Waikiki, he has dedicated his life to giving back to, enjoying, and capturing the beauty of the islands and its people. He works with AccesSurf, a charitable organization that helps connect those with physical and/or cognitive disabilities to the ocean. His photography has been featured on the cover of Pacific Longboarder Magazine's 100th issue, The Surfer's Journal, Hana Hou! Magazine, and by brands like Roxy, RVCA, Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaii Magazine, and more. He has also photographed celebrities like Tom Holland, Halsey, and Lily Chee. His work is currently featured at Gallery Waikiki, Green Room, and Koko Marina. He is an ambassador for Toes on the Nose and Banan.
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