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Why does my dog always put socks in its mouth?

Putting socks in a dog's mouth can happen for a variety of reasons, such as teething or exploring their environment. It can also be an attention-seeking behavior that has been unintentionally reinforced, and should be addressed using positive reinforcement based training.
Transcript: "Why does my dog always put socks in its mouth? This can happen for a couple of different reasons in some cases. It might be a young dog who's exploring their environment, perhaps they're even still teething and chewing on things, makes them feel good. In some cases this may happen more often in a hunting breed dog where we may see more more significant oral behaviors as part of their breed specific traits and in some cases this may have actually started out for a variety variety of reasons but because the behavior of putting socks in their mouth, got a reaction when the dog performed that behavior. Well, it's taken on a life of its own. And we're now considering it more of an attention-seeking or accidentally reinforced behavior that we may need to address differently in order to get ahead of it. Keep in mind that whenever we're seeing these patterns, it's not necessary to jump to Corrections or reprimands or anything that may cause pain or discomfort in order to address it. This is absolutely something that we can address through positive reinforcement Based training interventions."