My dog carries freakishly large sticks or should I say logs. Should I be concerned of any injury this could cause?

While it is great that your dog enjoys carrying and playing with sticks, there is a risk of injury. It is important to monitor them to ensure the activity is safe for your pet.
Transcript: "My dog carries freakishly large sticks, or should I say logs? Should I be concerned of any injury? This could cause actually, yes on one hand, I'm really glad that your dog has found something that they enjoy, and that probably makes them happy and makes them wag their tail and all sorts of good things. That's amazing. And also, we can actually see foreign bodies or penetrating injuries either. Just from chewing on organic material like Logs and specific to this question if the animal is carrying something that is excessively large or even a regular size, stick for that matter if they're moving a little bit too quickly or they run into a tree or catch that stick on something, we can absolutely see an impact injury that might need to be addressed by a veterinarian, so it's worth paying attention. And asking the question is this the safest way for my dog to enjoy their outing in the woods or out in the park? Sometimes. Yes, sometimes no."