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Is it possible to get a 15 year old small dog (who used to be potty trained) to stop peeing on the rugs in our house?

Before attempting to train a 15 year old small dog to stop peeing on the rugs, it is important to first ensure that the animal has been evaluated by a veterinarian. This includes a physical exam, running blood work, and potentially additional imaging tests to make sure there are no underlying medical conditions causing the behavior.
Transcript: "Is it possible to get a 15 year old small dog? Who used to be potty? Trained to stop peeing on the rugs in our house. Well that depends on why it's happening. First things first I would absolutely want to make sure that that dog has been evaluated by a veterinarian. Not only with a physical exam but also likely running some blood work looking at a urine sample. Maybe even some additional Imaging like radiographs or x-rays or maybe even an ultrasound in some cases to try to figure out. Out, are we dealing with a physical issue? First and foremost, and that is actually one of the more common reasons why we see this happening in a 15 year-old dog. Of course, we're looking for things like diabetes, or kidney disease, or other reasons. Why we may have urine, that's more dilute or less concentrated than it should be. We're also looking for other signs of urgency where the animal just can't hold their urine as much as they used to, so, they may need to go more frequently than what we're providing them access. To outside. We're also looking for things like arthritis or other other sources of physical. Discomfort, that may be impacting, that dogs, a pattern, of of urination or elimination outside. So lots of things that we want to check for first before we go down the behavior and training pathway. So, if you haven't checked for those conditions, with a veterinarian's help yet, start there and then Circle back around. And we can look at some of the behavioral issues that can make cause similar signs as well. Things like cognitive dysfunction or an overall break down in-house training, which can also happen in an older dog. But again, lets rule out the medical stuff first and go from there."