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Is it easier to train a dog or a cat?

It is not necessarily easier to train one animal over the other, but rather it is important to understand what you are asking them to learn, the environment they are in, and what type of reinforcement is motivating for that particular individual.
Transcript: "Is it easier to train a dog or a cat? I would argue that it's not necessarily easier to train one versus the other but rather just knowing what's going to be the same and what's going to be different meaning that essentially all animals learn the same way through consequences. Reinforcement based on the environment they're in at the time in which they're behaving and so on, but then there's some other differences, right? So we may be able to use food reinforcements A bit more easily or perhaps give more reinforcements in a shorter time period when we're working with a dog and maybe a cat's gonna take food a little bit more slowly, or we need to allow a little bit more time, between training repetitions, but both of them learn very much the same. So often times when we were trying to figure out which is the easier one to train, it's really more about figuring out. What are we asking them to learn in which Oceans, are we trying to change their behavior or teach them something? And are we leveraging appropriate reinforcement for that species? Number one, but also for that particular individual using something that is well motivating for them as we're trying to shape or change their behavior."