How do you know when it’s time to put your dog down?

It is ultimately up to you and your vet to decide when it is time to put your dog down. Consider the quality of life for your animal, including pain and discomfort, anxiety, and emotional distress, and speak with your vet about humane euthanasia options.
Transcript: "How do you know when it's time to put your dog down? If you're listening to this question and this is relevant for you. I'm sorry. It's a really difficult part of of life in pet ownership and I understand how difficult this particular question is to find the well, the right answer for Truthfully, the right answer is going to be a little bit different for every situation. What I'm typically looking for when I'm helping my clients or my, my friends even answer this question is to get a better sense of who that dog is and what makes them? Well, light up, what makes them comfortable, what makes them who they are. And if I'm able to still see that dog enjoying life and their health is in good shape and there's not any obvious concerns. And that would negatively impact their overall welfare of quality of life, then it may not be time. With that being said, if we are seeing Progressive health concerns that we don't have a way to address, or we're seeing significant pain or discomfort, or anxiety, or emotional distress, or other issues that are negatively impacting the quality of life for that animal. And especially if we're seeing those have a negative impact on that animals ability to enjoy their own life, then it may be time to consider. Saying goodbye through Humane euthanasia, the actual process for that is something that you should talk with your Veterinary team about and they can walk you through the resources that are available, either through their Primary Clinic or through other community resources. And again, I'm sorry that you need to consider this and I applaud your looking for this particular information, all my best."