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Roman Gottfried

Holistic Trauma Informed Dog Behavior Consultant
I’m a certified dog trainer and trauma-informed holistic behavior consultant. I guide dog guardians, fosters, and professionals to solve even the most complex challenges. I use a mind-body-spirit approach, as well as a holistic-, trauma-informed, secure attachment-based, and Do-No-Harm approach to address aggression, separation anxiety, trauma, reactivity, and fear. 

Holistic Dog Training is a trauma-informed, secure attachment-based education and parenting approach; I follow a Do-No-Harm Training and Animal Care Philosophy and implement different science-based modalities to help dogs reach their potential 

I believe that dogs are sentient beings that deserve to be treated with respect, should be allowed to express their emotions, and live in a healthy, stress-free, species-appropriate environment. 
They should be allowed to become full members of our family, which ensures that the dogs' hierarchy of needs is met and creates and maintains a positive human/dog relationship naturally for life. 
The holistic parenting and training approach addresses all of these elements so that we can exist in harmony. 

All my answers are geared toward helping you become your dog's best guardian and make your relationship a place to reach their potential. Looking forward to answering your questions about any behavior challenges your dog is struggling with.
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