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What are some strategies for promoting healthy sleep habits in toddlers?

Promoting healthy sleep habits in toddlers involves training sleep from an early age, having a consistent bedtime routine, not sleeping with the toddler, and using a reward system like a wall chart/sticker chart to encourage good behavior.
Transcript: "Hey, it's Dr. Lisa Goodman. What are some strategies for promoting healthy sleep habits in toddlers? Well, first off, I want to address the preventative part of this, which is to address some sleep training options much, much earlier. I always recommend to my patients to try to train sleep from the age of before they can stand or before they can talk. So, you know, usually six months or earlier. As far as good sleep habits for toddlers, routine is going to be key. Bedtime, same time every night. Bedtime routine, you know, maybe bath, massage, reading books, singing songs, making sure the toddler is taking charge of the sleep time routine, getting in bed themselves. I recommend, highly recommend against laying down or sleeping with the toddler, because that can lead to habits where you're doing that when they're six years old and eight years old. And certainly all those years in between. So I highly recommend sleeping with the toddler. And if they're old enough or they understand the idea of a wall chart or a sticker chart, that can also be used to promote healthy behavior. If you stay in bed, you have a chance to have a good sleep."