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What are some simple, everyday choices parents can make at home to support their toddler's growth and development?

Give toddlers a job to do around the house like carrying their own bag or helping with chores and put away. This helps them develop independence and responsibility which supports their growth and development.
Transcript: "Alright, what are some simple everyday parent choices that we can make at home to support toddlers' growth and development? The first thing is I have a little saying with my parents that when a child can walk, they can walk. Okay, so no more carrying of your toddler as much as they want it. And one thing that really helps that recommendation is when you give them a chore or a job or something else to carry. So for example, we're at the airport right now. Have your toddler carry their pole suitcase, their little cute backpack, Dora, Diego, whatever they've got, Lightning McQueen that they can pull around with their own items in it. So toddlers carrying their own item will oftentimes decrease the likelihood that they're going to ask you to carry that. So that goes for home too. One of the first things toddlers like to do is throw trash away. So encouraging them to, they love to be helpful, encouraging them to help you, but really to help themselves. They can put their own dishes in the dishwasher. They can put their own laundry in the laundry basket. Maybe they can even push their own laundry basket to the laundry room. Maybe they can help with putting things away. There's all kinds of things that they can do even at the age of two or three and they're emulating you. Those are like probably in my recommendation as a life hack, the best thing you can do to support a toddler's growth and development is to help them start helping themselves at home."