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What is the best way to purchase BFR bands?

The best bands to use for blood flow restriction training are B Strong, which can be purchased directly from or from me. They come with an upper and lower body band and a pump, and are great for workouts. If you have any questions about BFR, just let me know.
Transcript: "The question is, what is the best way to buy BFR bands? So just in case you're not sure what BFR is, blood flow restriction is what BFR is. And we do blood flow restriction training here at my facility, in Beverly, Massachusetts. The best bands on the market, I believe, for fitness are B Strong. And you can purchase the bands directly from Or you can get them from me. I'll just give you a quick little glimpse of what they look like. So the bands come with both an upper body and a lower body, if you're doing full-body training. And they come with a pump. And you pump them up. Then you do your workout. It's a great workout. If you have any questions about what BFR is, just let me know. And I can answer that for you."