I don't really feel the stretch when doing cat/cow, what am I missing?

Cat Cow is a great exercise for spine, shoulder and pelvic mobility, but it is not so much for increasing flexibility as you would with a static stretch.
Transcript: "So the question is, I don't really feel the stretch run doing cat Cow. What am I missing? So you can see in this video, I'm demonstrating cat Cow. This part is Cal. And this part is cat. So here you can see that I'm stretching muscles across my upper back but this is more an exercise for spine shoulder and pelvic Mobility. So what this means is that it is great for alleviating aches and pains in the upper body. But it's not so much for increasing your flexibility, which is something that you'd be looking to do in a static. Stretch, more than you would in a dynamic sequence. I hope that answers your your question."