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Will a soldier's development and career be affected in the long run by boot camp training?

Your performance in boot camp does not affect your career development in the military.
Transcript: "So the question is, is the soldier or service members development career going to be affected in the long run by their boot camp training? It's going to depend on what context you're referring to. I mean, obviously you are not going to have a career in the military unless you or until you have passed boot camp. But if the concern is, does your performance in boot camp transfer over and follow you throughout your career and give any indication as to your career performance? The answer is a resounding no. Nobody cares about your performance in boot camp and basic training. I know many, many people that were very high performers in boot camp and turned out to be completely useless once they got out to their field units and became some of the biggest problems that I had to deal with. I know many other people, myself being one of them, that struggled during boot camp and basic training and turned out with some good mentoring and good supervision, were able to absolutely excel in their career. So the short version is, no one cares about how good you did or did not do in boot camp."