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How does selfless service help to build a strong team in times of crisis?

Selfless service is a key component of building strong teams in times of crisis. It encourages trust between team members by showing that no matter what, somebody has your back and will take care of you. This is an important trait that is taught in the military and can be used to help build strong teams during difficult times.
Transcript: "How does selfless service help build a strong team in times of crisis? Well, selfless service meaning that you put others before yourself, lifting up the group or another individual before your own welfare. And that's something taught day one of basic training, I think every single branch. And I learned that in the Marine Corps, we are only as good as the weakest link of the chain. And so we are designed, trained to do this. And so that makes a strong team is because you know that no matter what, someone has your back. Even if someone's angry at you, even if somebody has a problem with you, it doesn't matter. You're part of the group, so they take care of you. And that builds that same kind of trust. So when you're in that situation for yourself, others will take care of you. And we all know this because we've experienced it and continue to practice it in the military."