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How do you think the lessons you learned in the military can be applied to other fields, such as healthcare or non-profit?

Leadership can be applied to any situation, including healthcare and nonprofit work. Leadership involves being out in front and serving the people below you, as well as making difficult decisions, shifting the direction of a workplace, and treating people fairly so they know they have a place on the team.
Transcript: "How do you think the lessons you learn in the military can be applied to other fields such as healthcare or nonprofit? Well, leadership can be applied in any situation and a big part of my experience in the Marine Corps was learning about leadership, how to lead, and what it means to lead is to be out in front, the one rallying everybody, but also participating, serving the people who are supposed to be under you. And so that act of service translates into healthy work environments. So that can be applied to healthcare, nonprofit, really anywhere, because if you're working with a team, you have other people who depend and trust in you and they need you to step up and make difficult decisions. They need you to shift the direction of a culture, of a workplace, and give your vision, your intent, so other people can follow it and be able to follow through and treat people fairly so everybody knows they have a place on the team."