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Matt Eversmann

First Sergeant - U.S Army-Ret.
First Sergeant Matt Eversmann is an American hero who embodies the importance of duty, courage, and selfless service in extraordinary circumstances. In 1993, Matt led a raid against an enemy militia in Mogadishu, Somalia. His inspiring story of survival was depicted in the film Black Hawk Down. For his actions, he was awarded the Bronze Star. After his service, Matt drew from his military experience to teach the next generation of warriors. He worked at the Army War College, taught at Johns Hopkins University, and deployed to Iraq during The Surge. Matt has since used his experiences to show organizations how to build resilient teams. He has consulted in healthcare, non-profit, and data management. Matt recently returned from Afghanistan where he filmed a documentary for PBS. He has co-authored The Battle of Mogadishu and two New York Times bestsellers with James Patterson. Matt and his wife, Tori, run a consulting company and co-host a weekly podcast, The Veterans Nation.
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