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How can you let mistakes go in order to move forward?

Recognize that Perfection does not exist and learn from mistakes by looking at them as a way of course-correcting. Apologize to those affected and forgive yourself. Let go of guilt and self-blame to move forward in a positive direction.
Transcript: "How can you let him mistakes? Go in order to move forward? Well, I think an important thing is to recognize that Perfection does not exist. At least for humans, we can pursue Excellence, but if we pursue Perfection, we're going to be constantly disappointed. And I think that we can treat the data that we get from our mistakes as a way, of course correction. Oh, that didn't work. So let me course-correct a little this way. I feel Feel terrible about something. So it lets me know what my values are and it gives me that feedback in that data and so what I do is say Okay that was a mistake and I decided to learn from it and decided not to repeat it. So if I've made mistakes where I've heard people, I've apologized to them and then I'll sometimes look myself in the mirror and forgive myself, say, look, I messed up, I can do better. But realize that holding on to that self hatred or self-blame really doesn't help me to Advance forward and accomplish the goals that I want to accomplish and help other people. All it does is really drag me down and drags down the other people. So, once I saw just the inefficiency of holding onto guilt or self-blame, the easier it was to let it go and move forward to positive direction."