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How can someone who has panic attacks start to beat them?

The most successful treatment for panic attacks is cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps people learn to recognize their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and separate them. This can help reduce the fear of having a panic attack, so that people can live more freely. Medications can also be helpful in bridging the skills learned in therapy.
Transcript: "Okay, so how to beat panic attacks. Well, I would say that the biggest or the most successful treatment that we have for this is something called cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a type of psychotherapy in which folks learn to recognize their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and separate them and try and interfere when a thought leads to a feeling, which leads to a specific behavior, behavior being the panic attack in this case. One of the biggest problems with panic attacks and panic disorder is the actual fear of, am I going to have another panic attack? And that oftentimes is a precipitant of panic attacks or often really disable people from living their lives freely and doing the things that they want to do. And so part of cognitive behavioral therapy is to kind of recognize these clues and stop them before they happen. And over time you build the strength and the confidence to kind of squash one of these attacks before it comes full blown. Obviously medications can be helpful too. They can certainly be like a bridge to the skills you learn in therapy."